Thank you very much

My name is Chuong. I have known your service for a long time and I have been using your WARP + service for two months and it feels good. I really like but there are some issues I want to ask is that your WARP + service really hides all information of users when they access anywhere without being ISP and the government they know what we are. Access and work online? The problem is that I need to know that my data can completely hide all content and be encrypted when using your service? And the second problem I have some questions is why every time I open your WARP + application, I detect the datacenter in HK but when I go to Youtube Prenium or Google Search, I see the IP address is logged in HK. and the address is in VIETNAM and I lost my Prenium service but sometimes I see my service displayed in HK and after a while it shows Youtube Prenium HK. So what does it matter? Because if I think if we have this problem, can our data be leaked or not? And let me ask long time I am browsing the web but I turn it off and on again will it leak data? Or is it still protected and do I need to refresh my browser every time I shut down the WARP + application? Because I really need privacy expect you to understand and answer this question for me. I will always use your service because we need privacy and speed. Hope to hear from you soon. Best Regard.