Thank You CloudFlare and Workers / KV Team!

Thank you very much CloudFlare and Workers Team !

Thanks to your Workers and KV Work i was able to make my Website
load Hyper Fast from all around the World !

Still a lot to do to transform all the pages into Workers Page Sites using KV so the whole Website is served over Workers and KV.

Looking also forward to use the LowLatency InMemory Durable Objects soon
this should give a additional performance boost !

Now if only the People at Google Search would do their work with indexing my Content and finally rank my great Websites instead of the trash they rank all the Time.

I am not even in the Search Index for the main Keywords.
They instead show all the time at my Position ■■■■■■■ Reviews Websites.
What a Stupidity.

Really need Cloudflare Advertising Possibilites for getting more Visitors and Traffic !
Would be very benificial also for Cloudflare itself when People like me start to spend hundreds of Dollars for Advertising at Cloudflare every day be it for Cost Per Click or Cost Per Acquisition.

This are the Metrics for a Visitor from the Other end of the Globe making still a requests to the Origin server by using ARGO Smart Routing for fast dynamic content delivery to avoid slowing down the whole website !

Loves the 48 Mili Seconds Time to First Byte :heart_eyes: !
Thanks again !