Text record auto deleting name after 3rd full stop

OK so this is an odd issue. I am trying to set up a text record to prove I own my domain. So the provider in question asks I set up my name in the text record like so:

Which seems simple enough. Yet when I enter my details like that, Cloudflare is automatically deleting off

“.domain.com” so I am left with solely “fdkey.sub”. I have found I can go as far as having “fdkey.sub.domain”. As soon as I put in “.com” it then deletes back to “fdkey.sub”.

Does anyone have any ideas? I am sure this is more of a site fault as this set up works fine in Godaddy.

That’s normal. The “domain.com” ending is understood.

For example, you may have “A” records for example.com with its IP address. Then another “A” record for www with its IP address. The www is just the prefix with the example.com understood.

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That makes sense. Thank you will list this as closed.

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