Text not show only in homepage



After I turn on cloudflare , text on my home page not show but other page is normal.when I turn off ( use only DNS) text is back. How can I fix this problem?

my setting
use SSL from Hosting
set SSL full strict on CF


There’s probably a resource that’s not loading. What’s the domain?




There’s an inline style that’s interfering. So it could be a Minification issue.

Try disabling Minify for CSS in your Cloudflare Speed settings, the purge your Cloudflare cache. If that doesn’t do it, try disabling minify for HTML and Javascript.


I did not active Minify for CSS . Are there other function that i should check?



I can’t pin down the cause, but I do know there’s a CSS declaration that renders the text “transparent.” If I disable that setting, the text shows up.


thanks you I will edit this and will keep update to this post

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