Text Message Alerts for DDOS attacks

We are hoping that this is possible or on the roadmap with Cloudflare.
Is it possible to configure the alerting in Cloudflare to send a text message to mobile phones in the event of a DDOS attack?
Or alternatively is it just using a 3rd party service that Cloudflare would e-mail in the event of an attack to then create a text message alert?



That type of alert or notification is not currently available, but I will pass along the feedback to the team.


We’d very much like to see a feature like this as well. It would be invaluable for our startup.

Hello, I’m newbie here … I’m interesting in CF’s DDOS protection service. My questions are

  1. is it email or SMS aleart system including in Business plan?
  2. is website defacement monitoring also including? can we monitor from user’s dashboard?
  3. does DNSSEC include also in DDOS protection business plan?


So in general for level 3 and 4 DDoS attacks we absorb those silently at our edge. Customers never even know about them because we never send any of the resulting traffic to the origin servers. Cloudflare doesn’t currently have an alert system on any pan level for DDoS mitigation. We are working on additional tooling for more automated advanced DDoS mitigation and detection for our higher tier plans and some notification mechanism for customers is under consideration.

Website defacement monitoring isn’t a service Cloudflare provides. We do provide a Web Application Firewall which is intended to protect a website against malicious attacks which could result in such defacement.

DNSSEC is available at any plan level (including free).

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