Text boxes of payment gateway plugin inactive

When I first add my site to Cloudflare, I noticed that the text boxes of Card Payment of my payment gateway Square is inactive and can’t type in card details in checkout.
I then change back my Nameserver to my hosting server again. After this the checkout card payment system started working fine.
I add the same site again to cloudFlare and now i am having the same issue with my card payment plugin.
When i go to my checkout I also get Error 525 SSL handshake Failed error.
Can anyone suggest what should I do.
Will appreciate prompt response.

This tells me this is the issue. Try following the guide and in case write back here for any additional issues.

A 525 error is typically caused by a configuration issue in the origin web server when its SSL certificate is not properly set up. Review the suggestions in this Community Tip for advice & insight.

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