Testing workers locally in a domain context, against a website

I have a series of workers in a Github repo, and I’m able to test them using wrangler dev.
However all of these workers are designed to be in a reverse proxy situation and expect an underlying site, which can vary.

Ideally, the workers remain generic, with no site-specific knowledge. I deploy them to an account and the setup the routes for a specific reverse-proxied domain.

But to test them, I need to use one of my existing cloudflare domains, with its defined worker routes yet have those worker routes resolve to my local test environment. :thinking:

What’s the best way to test in this situation?

Corollary question: workers are installed at the account level, but here I’ll be using them across multiple sites with different path configs. They’ll also have different KV-stored data. What are my options for domain-specific KV data?

Thanks! So much new stuff.

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