Testing WARP encryption

Hi All,
I’m trying out Cloudflare’s WARP app on my iOS devices and I’m a little confused. When I go to Cloudflare Browser Check and run the test I get checkmarks for DNSSEC and TSL 1.3 but not Secure DNS. Isn’t this testing for encryption? I thought encryption is what WARP does. Thanks in advance.

I’m seeing the same result. My theory: Since with Warp already creates an encrypted tunnel to Cloudflare’s servers, the app avoids the overhead of double encryption by sending plaintext DNS (over an encrypted tunnel) rather than DNS over HTTPS/TLS (which is specifically what that page tests for).

So, on the page it says it, “tests whether your DNS queries and answers are encrypted…)”

Farther down after the test it says, “We detected you’re using ( a secure DNS resolver) but not over a secure connection.”

What is the “secure connection?” Is that the encrypted connection WARP is supposed to make?