Testing SSL by pausing Cloudflare - Godaddy hosted website

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I am currently using free Cloudflare to have a free SSL certificate for my godaddy hosted website. It all works fine, but Godaddy doesn’t support Cloudflare and there are lots of intermittent timeout (521) and connection refused (521) errors.

I am thinking of purchasing a godaddy SSL certificate but I want to try it out before changing the DNS settings away from Cloudflare. If I purchase a SSL certificate from godaddy and pause Cloudflare, would this in theory show me if the SSL from godaddy works? Or could there be any complications?

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Thats a bad move to begin with as that would imply you dont have a certificate on your server which basically means your site is still insecure.

A host should generally not sell certificates these days. I’d consider moving host in your case.

A 521 basically means Cloudflare cant reach your server → Community Tip - Fixing Error 521: Web server is down

That could have different reasons. Maybe Godaddy is rate limiting your domain which means Cloudflare connections would be actively blocked by them if your visitors exceed a certain number, but that is only speculation at this point.

It would, but you dont need to pause Cloudflare. You can simply use the hosts file to map your domain straight to your IP address.

Whats your domain?

Thanks so much for your reply!

I am debating switching hosting providers, paying for an SSL cert is ridiculous which is why I started using Cloudflare in the first place.

I have read all the threads about godaddy/Cloudflare issues and tried all sorts of fixes but nothing works. I think Godaddy actively prevents Cloudflare from properly working on their sites.

Either way, I didn’t want to change any DNS settings because IF the SSL from godaddy doesn’t work (which wouldn’t surprise me as none of their products work) I have a website downtime of several hours whilst the DNS changes are being reverted (24-48hours each way). I want to make sure the godaddy SSL is actually working with my site before commiting to changing DNS on my domain.

Website is whitestagweddings.com

Thanks again for your help!

In terms of errors I get it’s an eclectic mix of timeout errors and 521 errors. Usually, they go away after a few re-loads of the site or after a short while. They also only occur 20% of the times I try to access a page on the site.

Any help is always gladly appreciated!


What you could do is move the nameservers to Cloudflare. In that case you shouldnt have any nameserver propagation issues should you eventually switch to another host or even stay with Godaddy (God forbid :slight_smile:). In this case you could initially use Cloudflare only as DNS provider (:grey: only) and try to fix the 521 issues.

Should you switch to another provider you’d only need to change the DNS records on Cloudflare and Cloudflare typically propagates these changes relatively quickly, though other resolvers still might cache it. Should you use Cloudflare as proxy however (:orange:) there wouldnt be any propagation issues and a change in IP address would be pretty much instantaneous.

Now as to why you get a 521, that is difficult to say but there is a good chance Godaddy might be (as mentioned earlier) rate limiting requests, in which case only they could fix that.

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