Testing Server Side Excludes

Yay, well done @floripare!

I’ve just tried it again in the Tor Browser (v8.5.4) on a Windows 7 VM and that shows “good actor”, so I’m not sure how you’ve managed to do that, but at least it works.

You don’t mind doing all my testing for me, right? :joy::rofl:

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Actually I did reload the page a while ago and got a “good actor” page. As I started reading Julius Caesar recently, I kept saying to myself I could make a good, noble Brutus. So that was kind of reassuring! But after I asked the browser (Tor Browser, not Onion as I’ve mistakenly said before) for a new circuit, my hopes of a future in Broadway were shattered again: “bad actor!” :joy:

So, yes, it is working. And of course not all Tor IPs get a bad reputation immediately, so you may need to try a few times before you get to qualify as “bad”.


Ah yes, I’ve refreshed a few times and after 5 (I think, I wasn’t really counting) I got a “bad actor” page.

Not ideal, but at least I can work with that for now. Hopefully support can still suggest something a bit more foolproof :slight_smile:

Thanks @floripare

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Hi @riklewis

I did some testing as well and I got mixed results. Using tor I was labeled bad twice and good once.

Then connecting directly from a tor exit relay I run I was challenged with a captcha then labeled bad.


Sorry @riklewis, didn’t realise the topic had closed again!

Any luck with this at all?

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No, support said they’ve raise it as a feature request, as it sounds like a good idea but there’s no functionality for this at the moment.

Thanks for checking in though :slight_smile:

For now the “workaround” is to use Tor and keep trying new circuits until you find an exit node with a bad reputation. I guess I’ll mark this as solution, at least for now.

Cheers, Rik


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