Testing on GTMETRIX, do i need to be pre-warming?

I just tested a page on my website that i visited yesterday, but had not been visited today. Gtmetrix reported over 5seconds load time! that’s higher than without Cloudflare at all! re-testing resulted in a 3second load time. Does that indicate the server is spinning down and I would need to pre-warm the server by visiting every landing page on my site before I start sending google adwords traffic to the pages? and if so, is there a setting in Cloudflare that i can utilize to do this?? thanis.

No such tool. Cloudflare will only cache files and pages after the first visit and until the duration set by either the Edge Cache TTL setting or the at the origin, whatever is the longest. It may nevertheless drop cached pages if not visited frequently.

What you can try to do is run a script that would pre-warm whatever URLs you may be sending your visitors to, or perhaps adapt and run the following script created by @eva2000:

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