Testing Nameservers before migration

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Quick question. Moving DNS from a cPanel setup and all DNS records have been copied over and it’s pending nameserver change. Before cutting over to the pranab.ns.cloudflare.com and zelda.ns.cloudflare.com nameservers, I am trying to use digwebinterface.com to verify the DNS records.

The A record is returning correctly for fishermanswharfinn.com, but all of the other records, such as the TXT record, are just returning the apollo Cloudflare nameserver.

Am I missing something? Is this where it won’t return the entries until it’s changed at the registrar level?

You can’t do test requests to see what your future DNS will look like. You’d have to look at the DNS records page of your Cloudflare account to see if everything is there, or export to BIND and do a comparison that way.



So I am a bit puzzled, I have all of the DNS records copied to Cloudflare and see them in the account. The next step listed is to change the name servers and verify. Before I did that, I was trying to use Digweb to do a final double check by directly querying the new Cloudflare nameservers.

I know it is a bit excessive, but “it’s always DNS” has been hammered into me the hard way. I want to be carefully to ensure that the new name servers return the correct values.

Did that work?


No. I still have the records in Cloudflare & the current DNS provider so it can still be tested.

Here is a direct example of what I mean:
DNS record on current Nameservers:

DNS record when querying the new (but not cutover at the registrar) Nameservers

Current TXT records in Cloudflare that are not showing

Does this help to explain the issue?

I got a response from a Cloudflare Tech as to what is the issue.

In essence is that the other vendor was wrong and they do use Cloudflare, They probably don’t know that they are using it as they are reselling webservers. Thank you all for your help in trying to untangle this mess!

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