Testing local DNS Performance vs WAN


Long ago I used Namebench to test DNS performance on my local network. Is there any replacement out there for this?

Specifically what I’m curious about is the performance difference of my laptop pointing at my router (which is, in turn, pointed at vs pointing my laptop directly at

I figure most lookups are cached b the router and leaving my laptop pointed at might be better than pointing it at all the time, even when I roam onto other networks. Although when roaming there are obvious security and privacy concerns where using would be of benifit.


Namebench is a great solution for this.


What version/os are you using namebench? As far as I am aware it ceased working 4-5 years ago and has never worked since (1.3/2.0 on OSX)


i used 1.3 last night and it worked great


Thanks. Maybe it was 2.0 that never worked, although I swear 1.3 had stopped working. Working well though. Thanks.


At least you are showing results similar to mine…
All I see is people talking about “averages” of 10 ms when I’m on 60ms
Either they are all on cable (I’m testing on WiFi) or they are all just testing ping and not dig results


These are all ethernet > home router 2 > home router 1 > cable modem/gateway > Spectrum/Time Warner cable in a fairly remote mountain town in Southern California. Home network in theory is IPv6.

I would presume they’d be much better if I was close backbone.