Testing DNS settings before go-live

I’ve imported a BIND formatted file with 120 records. To make sure everything is good before switching NS I’ve written a script to query the assigned Cloudflare nameservers directly and make sure there’s an entry for everything in the BIND file.

Everything except one CNAME is fine when I test with the script. When I manually test using dig, I get the expected response for the exceptional one.

Any suggestions why this one sub gets no response when queried by the script but a good response when tested manually?

This sounds like it’s come up before. In the “old days”, one could test their site in this manner, but Cloudflare no longer lets you pre-test DNS. I believe this is the current situation.

If your DNS records here match what you really want, Cloudflare will be ready to go when the name servers change over.

The script is likely asking a different question than what you are when you use dig. Without knowing what the script is querying or you are using in your dig parameters it’s not really possible to point to a root issue.

If you can confirm it by hand it’s more likely the script is asking the wrong question than Cloudflare’s DNS has an issue.

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Okay, thanks. I’m confident Cloudflare’s DNS is okay, but I’m mystified why only 1 record behaves like this. That’s perhaps academic, but my customer might be less confident, which is a practical issue.

Thanks again.

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