Testing Cloudflare before changing nameservers


I’ve seen posts here that you can test Cloudflare before changing the nameservers by looking up the Cloudflare ip address for the domain. However both are still pointing to my webhost ip address. Does this no longer work or do I need to wait longer for the Cloudflare nameservers to update?


What posts did you see that let you test Cloudflare before changing name servers?

You’ll need to change name servers and then wait for DNS to update.


This one for example Test DNS Settings


In order to reduce some security issues for badly configured zones, we unfortunately had to change some previous default behavior on sign-up. Previously it was possible to test orange cloud behavior prior to activating a zone (in at least a limited subset of scenarios). Now we no longer advertise a Cloudflare IP for an orange clouded record unless the zone is active on Cloudflare.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Possible strategies to still be able to test… 1. Sign up a (free) domain from Freenom to test the basic functionality. 2. Move nameservers, but leave everything grey cloud execpt a test host (can always move them back later… minimal risk). 3. For Biz plan and above you can temporarily do CNAME setup by contacting support. 4. If none of the above work, contact support directly and see if they have any other suggestions for a temp workaround.

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That’s me again. That post was about testing DNS entries before switching a domain over to Cloudflare. Not a Cloudflare functionality test. As @cscharff mentioned, things have changed since then, so even that DNS test is no longer feasible.


Option 2 will do. Thank you.

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