Testing Blogger HTTPS: Website not accessible after turning off CDN

I’ve read through many posts here regarding issues with Blogger HTTPS, seems like turning off CDN could help, so I began to turn off the orange cloud (DNS or HTTP Proxy) for my WWW DNS record. But immediately, my website became inaccessible. I was frightened and immediately turned it back on! Few seconds later, my website was back to normal again.

But I really want to test out if turning off CDN works for Blogger HTTPS. Can someone advise me what to do without making my website goes offline?

Secondly, I know some people do advise not to use Blogger HTTPS and Cloudflare together, but I really do not want to compromise the performance the CDN offered by Cloudflare. How can I make both of these work together?

Thirdly, I also strive to make Blogger HTTPS work is because if we don’t do that, the Blogger Template will generate many codes that assume our website is still HTTP and hence within those generated codes, contain so many insecure URLs pointing to our website. This turns out become having too many “Mixed Contents”, i.e. insecure access / request on our website. Apparently, this can greatly harm our SEO performance. But assuming we have no choice but to drop Cloudflare, Blogger HTTPS approval is not going to be fast, so our website will be down, even for several days!

So it’s hard for me to drop Cloudflare as we can’t afford to down our website even for 1 hour! We hope some experts here can really help us out and come out with a solution to make Blogger HTTPS and Cloudflare work together.

Thank you so much in advance!

Lets start with your domain.

I guess it might eventually come down to an SSL issue. Do you have a certificate on Google?

Hi sandro, thanks for your reply!

This is my website URL: https://www.malaysiatraining.net/

I’m currently using Cloudflare’s Universal SSL Certificate.

Just for your information, my Blogger HTTPS configuration has been pending for many months already (see image below):

In this case you should first get HTTPS to work on Google, otherwise you can never have a secure connection.

Sandro, as I mentioned in my initial post, I can’t afford to down my website for several days even though I were to drop Cloudflare – Blogger HTTPS will not be as fast as you think.

Not sure what you mean by fast, but you need to get that SSL issue sorted on Blogger.

It’s because of the SSL configurations on Cloudflare that Blogger throw me an error saying “Too many redirections”. So if you really want me to sort out the Blogger SSL, then I will have to remove my website from Cloudflare, which I do not want to do so due to the CDN performance advantage. Another reason is the slow processing of Blogger SSL configuration – it may require several days to complete!

I hope you can read my initial post again and understand what I’m trying to achieve. If it’s completely impossible, then I’ll have no choice but to think of something else.

Thank you.

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