Testing for Families

In testing this, I have observed that when using the and servers, some YouTube channels are not showing any videos available (as if in some restricted mode). This is not occurring when using the and servers.

Any ideas why?


I have found this service to be ineffective on my Pixel 3 with Chrome. Either Android or Chrome is doing DNS queries to another resolver when refuses to answer. OpenDNS Family Shield works perfectly fine at blocking adult sites on the same device. Opendns returns the IP of their block page for malicious/adult queries. Would it be possible to have Families serve a block page instead of just refusing to answer the DNS so this block will be effective on Chrome Android?

btw, i did disable doh support via chrome flags and that made no difference on my phone. support SafeSearch

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This would be because www.google.com resolves to forcesafesearch.google.com and www.youtube.com resolves to restrict.youtube.com when using I am OK with Google Safe Search but the youtube restricted mode is way too restrictive.

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The resolution to restrict.youtube.com is terrible, and makes it unusable. My six year old can’t watch any of his school assignment videos (on the most innocuous of topics his teacher is setting). The youtube account is logged in to his school account, so in theory it all should be solvable on the google side…

I love the idea, but will have to move away for now. Sadly this will probably take google making a move rather than cloudflare.


I agree. For parents that want to limit their child’s access to YouTube, they can turn on restricted mode via the Family Link app. For now, I’ve switched to the DNS server.

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Use opendns family shield. It doesn’t enable YouTube restricted mode yet still blocks malware and adult sites.

Check out NextDNS: https://nextdns.io/

I’ve found it to be “better” than OpenDNS, CleanBrowsing, and other services. Sorry, Cloudflare, I want to use your resolver, but you aren’t there… yet.

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What is objectively better about them? They don’t seem to have any resolvers that block adult content by default. IPs change so not having to run a daemon to update your DNS provider with your new IP is a big benefit for opendns family shield and for families.

Better is always subjective. I think they’re the most “power user” oriented of the services. They support all the popular methods of connecting to DNS nicely. All of my networks and clients do DNS over using secure methods (https or tls) so changing IPs aren’t an issue. NextDNS does have a “Porn” category that can be enabled with a click.

You’re right that you’re not going to find a simple resolver there that filters adult content. I assumed users here were looking for something more advanced than that.


I’ve the same issue.
yesterday I tried to watch the live video of the Italian civil protection press conference on the data of the coronavirus epidemic, but I always had the. restriction test and I had to use a Gsuite account.

Correct the youtube restricted mode make YouTube unusable. I hope the cloudflare support team will remove the restrictive mode at YouTube. Because of the restrictive mode I stopped to use cloudflare for families.

Came here to mention the same thing. I had the family DNS in place for 1 day before we had to switch back. Youtube was completely unusable. We also had issues with Netflix and Hulu for some reason on our Tivo but I am unsure why. I like the idea of this service but in current form with no configuration options to turn off the Youtube filter we can’t use it. was blocking youtube videos posted by my church. Had to revert back to old settings.

I want safesearch for google and bing, but not for Youtube. I vote fo you.


Same here, safesearch for search engines but not Youtube

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Looks like they already removed safe search and restricted mode from I would like to see safe search come back. It is a perfectly acceptable solution unlike YouTube restricted mode.
I also appreciate the quick fix making blocked queries return instead of refusing to respond. This fixed my Android issue.