Tested Cloudflare Stream for the first time last night

We broadcasted a press conference on both Cloudflare Stream and YouTube. Initially, both of them were being encoded at 3.5mbps bitrate. The quality on YouTube Live was significantly better so I increased the bitrate to 8mbps for Cloudflare Stream.

While it helped a bit in terms of quality, I noticed that it started buffering a lot more than YouTube. We also had a timer and noticed that the gap started at around 6 seconds consistently but it “grew” as time went on so it looked like the stream from Cloudflare was being played “slower”.

Our live event is scheduled on Sunday and it’ll be exclusively on Cloudflare Stream since it’s a pay-per-view. I’m worried that this problem will be exacerbated on Sunday and we’ll have a lot of customer complaints on the quality and stability of the stream.

Any tips on how to increase the quality and stability of the stream?

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