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I have a QA / Test site at wwwqa (dot) example (dot) com, and my primary Production site is at www (dot) example (dot) com.

Currently on CloudFlare, I only have one site listed as “example (dot) com”, and then I add the CNAME for wwwqa to point to CloudFlare.

I want to have two sites on CloudFlare, so when we turn on developer mode, or any configuration changes on Cloudflare, it would only affect the QA site for testing purpose and changing configurations. Also analytics and metrics.

Is there a way to do this? Cloudflare will not allow me to add example.com twice, and it will not let me add wwwqa because it’s not the top level domain.


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You’d have to create a Page Rule for sub.example.com/* and add a bunch of settings, like Cache: Bypass, Performance: Off, etc. That’s pretty much what Developer Mode does. Then you can turn that Page Rule on and off as needed.


Why you don’t create a subdomain like the one sdayman suggested and set the Cache Level to ByPass?

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I guess if that’s the only option then that would work. I was hoping I would be able to test other functionality and settings on CloudFlare applying to our QA site and it wouldn’t affect our PROD site.

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:wave: @v113,

If you are an enterprise customer you can add a subdomain as a separate zone. Carrot hat feature is not available on other plan types.

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Ahhhh, thank you. I guess I’ll stick to using the Page Rule option.

Is there a way using the API to clear the cache for a specific domain on the Business plan?

Using the GUI it look like it’s limiting to only sending URLs and no domain option without going to Enterprise as well.

Omg you are the owner of example.com? It is so nice to see you


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