Test ping from certain region

Hi All,

I’m new to domain and network. I hope someone can give advise what i need to do. We are testing our website on daily basis. And our our target is to get all green from 'boce.com

However our site always mix with red, and i dont know how to improve it.
If i test it directly with my VM IP the result is good all green, however if i test with my domain name that parse to that VM IP the result will mix with red.

I’m using cloudflare too for this domain 'testmysite.com
Site I used to test is ‘boce.com’ for ping and region availability.
testmysite.com’ result is bad

’ the result is good

I tried to test by adding :443 on the back of domain, and the result is acceptable. How to have a good green result without putting :443 on my domain (just testmysite.com) ? i believe my VM is fine.

Thank you

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