Test on Speed/Observatory not working

Hi every one, since yesterday i am experince same problem on a specific domain.
I have an Home assistant tunneled to a root domain since long time , yesterday for a mistake i forward the mobile version to another CNAME of the same domain.
I successfull removed the redirection but since that time i am not able any more to get the test passed in Speed/Observatory and i get test failed .
The domain is mysmartha.co.uk, i can access the domain trough browser but the test fail.
I am concern about this because since this happen i am not able anymore to create an AWS app with this doamin.
I tried to create a tunnel with different domain and all is working.
What is strange is that diferent CNAME.mysmartha.co.uk are working properly but redirected to different ip , if i redirect to the ip of Home Assistant is not working
What do you think is happen on that domain.

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