Test Load With APO Edge lead to 400

Hi, i did the tutorial on installing APO on my wordpress, i get HITs in header and also correct cf-edge-cache. So i load testes a bit and find nice insights and setups for raising the req/s higher possible. And around 16K req/sec i’m getting a raise of http 4xx error msg.

So i have checked with my server but i have really low requests and no errors, so Edge Cache worked well, but that’s not my server that return 4xx. That’s Cloudflare…

I’m on free plan with APO 5$ :

  1. Why do Cloudflare return these 4xx at 15K req/s ?
  2. Is this a limit on APO or free plan ? (what would be the average limit for pro plan ?)


It’d be nice to know which 4xx error they’re getting. Your Firewall Events Log might shed some light on what’s going on.

Also, keep this in mind when performing such tests:

Hi, this load test is a simulation of what will be my traffic when it goes in production.
As said i’m on a free plan so i don’t have any WAF nor access to support’s ticket :


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