Terraform WAF Configuration

I would like to get something confirmed. I am using the free version of CloudFlare. Using Terraform I am making several settings. This code is failing on “terraform apply” due to the waf = “on” line. The error I am getting is Error: HTTP status 400: Not allowed to edit setting for waf (1015).

It is not saying that I do not have an entitled account which is typical of a feature not available on the free version.

Is this simply stating that I have WAF already enabled but I cannot modify it with the free version? I am already protected by pre-configured CloudFlare WAF?

resource "cloudflare_zone_settings_override" "ex-settings" {
  zone_id = "${var.zone_id}"

  settings {
    tls_1_3 = "on"
    automatic_https_rewrites = "on"
    ssl = "strict"
    waf = "on"

Thank you.

This simply tells you that you don’t have access to the Cloudflare WAF, and yes this is because you are using Free plan. WAF is not included in free plan.


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