Terraform teams_rule identity

I need to deploy teams_rule with identity argument:

      name        = "allow-all-ipinfo-tf"
      description = "Allow all access to IPinfo.io"
      enabled     = true
      precedence    = 1
      action        = "allow"
      identity      = "identity.groups.id == \"d6c.........\""
      filters       = ["http"]
      traffic       = "http.request.uri == \"https://ipinfo.io\""

but getting error:

│ Error: error updating Teams rule for account "60cf.........": Filter parsing error (1:20):
│ identity.groups.id == d6c.......
│                             ^^ cannot perform this operation on type Array(Bytes)

The API call is based on:

So what I try to accomplish is to allow the user is particular group to have access to ipinfo.io
Not sure what I miss here.