Terraform "Partial zone signup not allowed"

Hi, in the documentation at the point “Zone error codes” I did not find details about the error code “1104 Partial zone signup not allowed” someone could explain to me what that error means, I cannot understand it.
I’m trying to create a new zone for an extension domain “. tk” which is for testing.

All the Freenom TLDs are restricted in using the Cloudflare API. Do you experience the same error on a regular domain?

When trying to register a domain “.com” also see an error.

curl -X POST "https://api.cloudflare.com/client/v4/zones" \
     -H "X-Auth-Email: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" \
     -H "X-Auth-Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxx" \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     --data '{"name":"emanuelcloud.com","account":{"id":"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"},"plan":{"id":"free","name":"Free Plan","legacy_id":"free"},"jump_start":true,"type":"partial"}'
{"success":false,"errors":[{"code":1104,"message":"Partial zone signup not allowed"}],"messages":[],"result":null}% 

I presume you mean add. Are you intentionally setting this to a Partial/CNAME setup? I haven’t tested adding those with TF, but as they are only available on Business or Enterprise plans, you probably cannot add it using a Free plan.

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