Terraform: error finding Zone "abcdef1234567890": Invalid zone identifier (1001)

I’m trying to update some DNS records using Terraform. Unfortunately I keep getting this error while refreshing the state (using terraform refresh):

Error: Authentication error (10000)
Error: error finding Zone "a54489c01645b37872ce1f4908fcda38": Invalid zone identifier (1001)
Error: Authentication error (10000)

I checked fairly extensively and it looks like I have the same Websites in my console as I have .tf files, and for the same domains to in the repository that I’m working out of. In general, it seems like the experience with using the unique Zone ID without any reference to the name makes it pretty hard to troubleshoot this issue. I’ve tried re-initializing the Terraform state using terraform init – that succeeds but doesn’t change the outcome here.

I do have Administrator privileges on this Account, and I’m passing in my email and Global API Key via environment variables, so I’m not sure where the auth problems could come from or how they could be related to the invalid zone identifier.

Any suggestions on how to debug this more?

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