Terms of Service 2.8


I’m looking for some clarification on Terms of Service 2.8 Limitation on serving non-HTML content.

I take 2.8 to mean non-html content that is proxied through Cloudflare rather than serving non-html content as the origin host server.

I found this post Planning to host a website with non-html content but I don’t understand how proxying of images would be turned off as the entire domain would need to be proxied through Cloudflare. Would a better explanation be that non-html content wouldn’t be cached?

What options besides Enterprise plan would be available if I wanted to serve a large number of images on a site but I didn’t have control over changing the domain of images to a “grey” domain? I found Cloudflare stream but that still looks like it would make me change the domain images are hosted on https://developers.cloudflare.com/stream/

Hi @Chris-M,

Firstly I do not work for Cloudflare and what I am saying it purely my interpretation and opinion. If you want an official answer, you will need to contact Sales.

No, as far as I know, proxying for the entire domain will be disabled. It’s not related to caching but serving the content through Cloudflare.

If you have a normal website with some images etc. then it is probably OK to use a standard plan. If you have a disproportionate amount of non-HTML then your account will probably be looked at.

The only alternative would be:

That is correct, yes. There isn’t any Cloudflare service that will let you proxy a large quantity of images on their own without an Enterprise plan.

Hi @domjh
Thank you for you help. Unfortunately I have already reached out to sales and they weren’t very helpful, essentially my options were sign up to Enterprise or use the community forums.

If there are any moderators from Cloudflare that would be able to assist that would be fantastic.

This post showed up at almost the same time as yours:

Yep exactly the same as what I would like clarification on.

The issues that I have are as follows

  • I have 3 domains and pricing is per domain so that puts my cost at 15K per month for enterprise
  • I can’t move images to a CDN or grey URL as I don’t have access to the sites markup.

You can try talking to Sales about this. The one Enterprise plan can be the main host and the others might work in a CNAME setup that points to the Enterprise domain/subdomains.

I have been chatting to sales, that’s how I ended up here

They didn’t try to sell you something?

I really don’t know why they’d send you here with a question on their stance on non-HTML traffic. It boils down to: Don’t be a big fish in the bandwidth pond.

Maybe @cs-cf can weigh in on what options are available. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t get paid on commission, so you’ll probably get a pretty honest answer out of him.

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