Tentei mandar para a revisão, mas fica dando erro. Os links não existe

I have an entry for a Malware alert on my Dashbord.

Your domain has been suspected of phishing or malware

Data Categoria URL da página Status
out 27, 2022 Phishing vozmt.com.br/chhtrr
out 27, 2022 Phishing vozmt.com.br/chhtrr/
out 27, 2022 Phishing vozmt.com.br/chhii/
ago 29, 2022 Phishing www.vozmt.com.br/chhtrr/
ago 29, 2022 Phishing www.vozmt.com.br/chhtrr
ago 29, 2022 Phishing www.vozmt.com.br/excr/
ago 29, 2022 Phishing www.vozmt.com.br/jojo/
ago 29, 2022 Phishing www.vozmt.com.br/tuesf/
ago 29, 2022 Phishing www.vozmt.com.br/chhii/

But all the time if I click on “Request a review” then I got:

Error Code: 10003. Status Code: 500, Error: failed to parse response from GetRpats API. invalid character ‘<’ looking for beginning of value (Code: 10003)

Do you have any Idea what I can do?
Thank you all very much.