Tengo problemas de cors en el puerto2096 cuanto activo el proxy

cuando activo el proxy para un subdominio que tengo en el puerto 2096 , se generan error de cors. como configurar Cloudflare para que funcione


Usually CORS errors are prevented by taking action on the origin web server, even if the error does not happen when Cloudflare is disabled.

You may work with the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header at the origin server for that. More details can be found here:

And, after you add the proper headers, you can:

  • Change the filename or URL to bypass cache to instruct Cloudflare to retrieve the latest CORS headers.
  • Use the single-file purge APIOpen API docs link to specify the appropriate CORS headers along with the purge request.
  • Update the resource’s last-modified time at your origin web server. Then, complete a full purge to retrieve the latest version of your assets including updated CORS headers.

Hope this helps you moving forward on this case.

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