Ten sites all just stopped working

HI, I started using cloudflare two weeks ago with ten sites all working no problem. I decided to add an eleventh site that did not work at all, so I removed that site from Cloudflare. Now all the sites do not work at all. I have had to turn cloudflare off for them to appear on browsers, Otherwise I get a message saying that my wordpress site is not configured properly contact my host.
My host is fine the websites all work if I turn off HTTPS and they all worked for two weeks previously. I believe it has something to do with removing the 11th site that never worked.

So, I changed nothing on any of the websites, I removed one from cloudflare, now they all do not work.
Lastly I added two new sites today as a test, they both work fine with HTTPS turned on.

Sorry no screenshots, as I have no error messages to show, it just stopped working

So, carrying on my discoveries, I deleted another site from Cloudflare, and as far as I can see, the two new ones I added today that were working are no longer working. Irishgrass.com has stopped working it is an empty wordpress site.
To delete a site I just use the option within cloudflare. Bottom right hand corner.
Again no error messages just sites not working.

OK, last post, just reinstalled from scratch a domain I deleted earlier, it still does not work. I am convinced that deleting a domain from my panel stopped the whole thing working. I will wait a few days for a reply and just remove cloudflare as there seems to be no official support, it was all working and there is no error messaging.

I suggest you get in touch with your hosting technical support.

Yes indeed I probably will, but and its a big but,

I delete one domain from cloudflare, all my sites go down
I install a new site to cloudflare, it works fine
I delete another site from cloudflare, all sites go down,

Logically, hard to think it is my host. Not good to ask hosts to look at things before cloudflare have their say, it all started here at cloudflare, twice

Maybe one cloudflare account per website, problem solved.

Well I contacted my host, who have, would be nice if cloudflare replied… Anyway they have suggested the IP is wrong, which it is not, so I have replied back to them. I will continue my monologue here for future reference…

Hi @abalooz, this is a Community of people that use cloudflare, to contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to https://dash.cloudflare.com/?account=support and select get more help.

In the case of irishgrass.com, the reply from @colin is spot on, there is an issue with your hosting provider.


One or many domains in an account does not matter, I’ve seen accounts with hundreds of domains on various plans and no issues. Can you share the name of some of the other domains in order to offer more help? Yep, I checked a number of your other domains that are having issues and something has changed at your hosting provider as they are all delivering the same message.

Hi Cloonan,
I understand this is a community and not cloudflare support, just typing my frustrations…
Anyway my host just says, the sites all work if you remove cloudflare, which of course they do, how much should you expect the host to do? They can prove the sites work. I had a reply from Cloudflare, I supplied them some info, I await their reply, if they can’t give me anything to go on, it will just have to be aurevoir cloudflare and get my sites all working again. Then find another SSL solution.
I will report back here, it could be of interest to someone else in the future.
At the moment I am using tajcrew.com as an example. My host is reg365.com

Hi @abalooz,

Looking into this issue, it seems to be that your server is not configured to serve your site over HTTPS, assuming you have the IP ending in .95 configured in Cloudflare, this is what I get bypassing Cloudflare and going straight to your server:

It works over HTTP:

I’m afraid this is something that needs fixing on the server end.

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Hi and thanks for your input. So my guess is something happened on my host last week. As ten sites were all working for two weeks and all just stopped. At least now if I contact them again, I can mention what you have said.


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No problem, yes - I suspect it was just bad timing and coincidence that the issues happened when you removed a site from Cloudflare!

Hopefully your host will be able to see the issue if you share my screenshots with them :slight_smile:

Please just let us know if you have any further questions or need more help with it.

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