Tempted by Argo... But is it worth it

I’m tempted to try argo - the little email cloudflare sent me with the speed improvements my visitors will see impressed me.


If only it was a set cost - like cloudflare itself!

Total bandwidth last month was 1.6TB - I cant look back further - but that’s a low month compared to later in the year - so that would make it:

1 TB (1000 GB) - $114.90 or $204.90 (Depending on what “request” bandwidth means!?)

My site earns only through ads - so I just cant decide if the $200 is worth it or not.

Has anyone gone for argo and been pleased with the results?

I’ve used Argo, and it’s certainly nice, but I don’t have the amount of traffic you have.

Argo is best for dynamic sites where edge caching isn’t as effective.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if the cost is worth it based upon your business model.

You may want to check the chart in this recent post:

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