Temporary Upgrade from Pro to Enterprise

I am retiring from a customer. I setup this account which has two free and one Pro account. We want to put someone else in as a Super Admin. Unfortunately I thought if I made my customer an admin we could trade places but that is not the case.

I read that if this were an Enterprise account we can have more than one super admin. I have not found any other post like this, however if we upgraded for the sake of adding another Super Admin. Do that, then I leave. Then the account is downgraded back to Pro. Is that a way to do this switcheroo?

I also read a trickier way to transfer is to literally transfer the sites from my account to another, where each site’s DNS has to change to match that of the new Cloudflare account. That seems tricky to get it right. The guy I’m transferring to is smart but not technical.

If I had a fresh email account that has never been added to Cloudflare, could that be set to the new account owner?

In the Pro Super Admin profile account there is a ‘Leave’ button. How does that work? Is it possible to leave and have no Super User? Can a general admin be made as a Super User at that point? I have not found any documentation on that button. I am curious what happens when I click it.

Thanks for entertaining my questions!

Hi @gregmiller,

That is correct, yes.

Not really, Enterprise requires a custom contract and you’d be looking at paying a lot for that, really not possible for an account switch I don’t think.

Yes, that is awkward, you would need to set up the sites from scratch with DNS, purchase paid features again - it would take a lot of work.

I have no idea what would happen here and I wouldn’t really want to find out.

Personally, I’d follow the instructions here and see how you get on.


The community shares this :point_up_2:t3: technique. It’s everywhere. What people need to know is that the new Super Admin email must never have been setup on Cloudflare. Adding a temporary email is a way to move quickly. You still want to move it to another email account. The instructions above say it is a requirement. Is it though? The email account the Super is applied to must be new to Cloudflare. If I go from my account to a fresh client account, that would work, right?

I would like information about the ‘Leave’ button in my Super Admin account. The advice is, just don’t click it. What? What is its purpose?

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