Temporary site removal and pro plan loss

Yesterday I had problems with my Lukkval.com site and Ezoic integration. I was advised to remove the website and re-add it to Cloudflare.

I had an active pro plan for a day, and once I re-added the website, I lost it and can’t get it back.

It looks like I have to repurchase it.

I wrote to support, but no one responds.

What should I do?


I’d suggest you open a support ticket. This is a community forum and we don’t have access to Billing information. Your case doesn’t seem to be the result of a bug, but rather of how CF Billing processes the billing flow. Perhaps @Laurie or @cloonan may want to follow your case, so please post the ticket number here when it’s open.

Thanks Floripare, I submitted the ticket #2241958 yesterday. @Laurie @cloonan

I’m still waiting for the answer after two days …

The immediate answer is that there are no refunds (ToS 4.3). The advice to remove your website did not take this into account.

However, if you ask nicely, and can wait until business hours, I’m sure they’ll take a look at your situation.

I’m not asking a refund, I would just like the reactivation of the service. I bought it the day before and disconnected the site for a moment due to technical problems.

In the link you posted it says “Following any cancellation, however, you will continue to have access to the Paid Services through the end of your current Subscription Term.”

That’s what I would like, to continue using the service and continue paying in the coming months …

I am not asking for a refund.

I didn’t want to be insistent, I didn’t consider it was the weekend. I’m sorry for this.

Within reason, they’ll credit your account the prorated amount. You’ll still have to “buy” the Pro Plan again. If you do that now, then the credit would apply to next month’s Pro Plan bill.

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What happens when you delete the domain and re-add it, is the system automatically cancels the plans and credits your account for the unused time on the plan, which will then apply to your next monthly recurring fees. Yes, you will need to initially repurchase the plan.

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