Temporary network issues with Zero Trust Tunnel

I am self-hosting a photo and video gallery application Immich (https://immich.app), and I experience network to my service getting temporarily “blocked” if I go peek through my video collection and generate some traffic. The “blockage” goes away after about 30-50 seconds.

The application is hosted on a machine with nginx reverse proxy (with https), and I make it accessible through the internet by a Cloudflare Zero Trust free-tier account with a cloudflared tunnel (running on the same home server), where the tunnel is configured with a “Public hostname” that forwards HTTPS traffic to nginx (and sets a HTTP Host header).

I don’t have the issue at all if I access my application directly on the LAN without the traffic going through the cloudflare tunnel. Also, while the photo gallery app is “blocked”, I cannot access any other application either that is hosted on the same server by the same means (cloudflare zerotrust tunnel, nginx reverse proxy), so the issue definitely seems to be related to the service provided to me by cloudflare. There is also no indication of any performance issue on the server (CPU usage on ~0%, no network or other IO traffic).

Does a cloudflare zerotrust tunnel have some kind of a network traffic limit? I am using a gigagit internet connection (both for the client and for the server), and going through the video thumbnails in Immich can generate quiet some traffic in a short period of time. If so, can I work this issue around somehow?

Thanks to anyone willing to help.

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