Temporary name server change


I transferred my domain to CloudFlare and also switched hosts. My old host provided an IP for the shared server, the new host (ByetHost) requires that the registrar use their name servers to set up the domain, after that I can switch back to CloudFlare.
Anyone has an idea how to change the name servers to NON CloudFlare for a couple of hours?

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If Cloudflare is your registrar, you can’t yet do that. All I can say is…geez…that’s an unnecessary hoop to jump through. They only need the IP addresses in DNS to be correct.

Your best option is to not use ByteHost. Your worst option would be to change to a different registrar (if you’ve passed to 60 day mark), and then switch back to Cloudflare registrar…after another 60 days.



I switched to CloudFlare only a couple of days ago so have another 58 before I can switch. By then they might configure their registrar properly. If not, I will switch to Google.



They provide domains at their purchase price. It’s fair enough for them to expect that additional Cloudflare services are used and therefore not to allow to change to foreign nameservers. My personal opinion.

Like @sdayman wrote: it’s not possible yet. They are rumors that they may add it.



I transferred a domain and was charged by CloudFlare $10.91 for a year. I have several domains registered through Google Domains (which is not the cheapest) and they charge $12/year. So the difference is not that big and Google provides all the amenities, including changing name servers. My other domains are also protected by CloudFlare. I noticed that Namecheap is even less expensive than CloudFlare registrar and also provides all the amenities. I do hope CloudFlare will change the options and allow switching name servers.

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