Temporary DNS resolution issues

I’m seeing repeated issues resolving our DNS. It appears to go down for 10-20min at a time then starts working again. I’m seeing this within our own network / k8s cluster as well as from multiple external clients (3 Android apps, CI runners and developer machines).This is also affecting people across geographic areas (Indonesia, Singapore, India).

I can’t figure out what could be causing this or what I can do to track this down. Clearly it’s unacceptable for our DNS to regularly stop working so I need help to find the root cause.


The main domain name being affected is using an A record.

You should speak with your DNS provider or consider moving your domain to Cloudflare. With tens of millions of domains under management, Cloudflare has exceptional DNS performance and uptime.

We’re already using Cloudflare! :laughing:

Cloudflare provides DNS from every metal they run in every colo they manage. I don’t see any reports of DNS availability issues on their status page. What is the domain? What specific tests have you done to test DNS resolution and what were the results?

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