Temporary Access Problem To a Node

Hi, i got 2 websites being proxied by cloudflare and normally i am very happy even with free service plan. Lately during Turkish Soccer League events TTnet which is probably the largest ISP in Turkey is blocking access to cloudflare IST node which results in websites not being accessed. I am not the only person having this problem i checked at a popular webmaster forum in Turkey and a lot of hosting providers are having the same issue and no one knows what to do… 2 websites that i got have nothing to do with soccer yet right after soccer event starts i lose access, during half time access is restored and when second half starts access is gone again… During problematic times i tried pinging and tracing the ip, i have added screenshot of both commands, also i tried accessing /cdn-cgi/trace which resulted in 504 error and i have added its screenshot too… I dont know what to do and how to solve this issue, there are soccer events almost every night and we are having downtime every night for 90 minutes…

Unrelated to this issue but how does cloudflare know which node to use? I got several domains at the same server, with the same isp when i check some of them are colo=AMS, some of them are colo=OTP and some of them are colo=IST, is there are way to switch them all to colo=AMS or something else that works ?

What is the URL?

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