Temporarily restricted.

How many days can I not register a domain or what do I need to do to register my domain?

Register? Or is it already registered, but you want to add it to Cloudflare for services?

Is it this?

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I mean add site.

Add a site to cloudflare, you need to click this option, @Nirvanaholic from your Home tab on the dashboard:

Screenshot from 2021-03-17 16-25-42

If your Registrar app looks like this (it does)
Screenshot from 2021-03-17 16-27-22

that means you cannot register a new domain as the function is still be developed, tested and refined. If your option looks like this, it means your account is part of the testing/was part of the beta:
Screenshot from 2021-03-17 16-29-06

My account doesn’t look like that.
How many days can I add domain again?

I think the domain they’re trying to add has been temporarily banned.