Temporarily Disable Super Bot Fight Mode via the API?

I really like the Super Bot Fight Mode, but it’s making management of the site difficult. I don’t want to turn it off permanently, and it’s not a good workflow to have to manually turn it off regularly.

Is there a way to temporarily disable the Super Bot Fight Mode via the Cloudflare API? I didn’t see it in the API docs, but the ability to do that would be extremely useful for dealing with SBFM problems.

A deploy script could turn of the bot mode during build and then re-enable it once the site is deployed. The only time I need to turn it off is during deploys, because the deploy script needs to fetch data from an API.

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Thanks, I’ll try that.

Did you find that in the network console for the dashboard?

When I inspect those requests, I see these PUT payloads:

Turn off: {"rules":[]}

Turn on: {"rules":[{"action":"execute","action_parameters":{"id":"some_id","overrides":{"rules":[{"id":"some_id","enabled":true,"action":"managed_challenge"}]}},"expression":"true"}]}

I’m wondering if the API changed, and I’m not sure what should go in the id fields.