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I have a plug in that has stopped working (Fastest Cache). A2 Hosting and Fastest Cache have tried many things to make it work.
One of the asked if I had tried to use the caching system without Cloudflare. So i would like to disable it but don’t know how
the dashboard does not have the menus that Google queries tell me to use to turn it off


If you only want to disable Cloudflare Caching, you can use the Overview Page to put your site into “Development Mode.” This will bypass cache, but will go back to normal mode after 3 hours.

You can also add a Page Rule to match:
And add setting: Cache Level (Bypass). This will bypass all caching until you delete or disable that page rule.

Is this the “WP Fastest Cache” plugin that’s not working? How’s it not working?


Additionally to what sdayman suggested you can also pause Cloudflare on the Overview screen (this will reveal your IP address though, just if this is of concern). There you can also remove the domain altogether, but you’ll also need to point your domain’s nameservers to the original ones.

It really comes down to what you wish to accomplish overall.


I was using Fastest Cache for delivering web pages faster. I used their caching and left CloudFlares off.
What if I just get rid of Fastest Cache and use only CloudFlare? Then i would just need a image smushing program and I should be OK, correct. OR does CloudFlare have a caching plugin they recommend using with their service

Frankly, I am just a free user of CloudFlare. ?The people I pay, A2 and Fastest Cache have not helped at all.

So can someone make a recommendation on a caching plugin that works with CloudFlare, if it needs one at all. I will have to look at CloudFlare but I assume it is reasonably priced for a single website.

Does CF handle image smushing? Will it give me faster service all over the United States, well, only people who can read English would read my blog, so, you know what I mean. I also have visitors from Canada, ireland, India (probably UK people there).

Anyway, I have been messing around with this for a few weeks between email what A2 says to the Fastest Cache team. I am ready to move on.


If it’s WP Fastest Cache, the Cheetah one, that’s different from Cloudflare caching.

A WordPress caching plugin saves page HTML as an HTML file so Wordpress doesn’t have to generate the code for every visit. It’s a dynamic site which puts a load on the server.

Cloudflare normally doesn’t cache HTML pages – just static files, like images, CSS, and JS files.

I like WP Fastest cache because it’s not bloated. But W3TC is also a really good one that works well with Cloudflare.

For image smushing, I use TinyPNG. It offers 500 free compressions per month. So if you have 100 images and WordPress saves it in five different sizes, that would be 500 compressions.

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