Telus voWifi intermittent connection

Hi all,

Over the past couple of days I’ve noticed intermittent connectivity to the Telus voice over wifi (voWifi) servers, where it will pop up every couple of hours (to every few minutes) asking me to re-register.

Telus recommends using Google ( so I don’t know if they are relying on something specific Google’s DNS is doing differently than Cloudflare (EDNS?).

I’ve tried disabling DNSSEC on Cloudflare and the problem persists, but if I set DNS back to Google, it works fine without getting disconnected or having to re-register.

Full disclosure is I don’t know what actual domains Telus is attempting to connect to other than seeing some CDN addresses in my logs (

I’m willing to help troubleshoot this as I require voWifi since my home office is in my basement and I don’t get great reception down here :slight_smile:

Hi @Lexcyn!
Do you happen to be a subscriber of one of the ISPs listed at
I see the same response from and over at Dig web interface - online dns lookup tool

Have you formally raised this with Telus support yet?
If so, what was their response?

Thanks for the reply @amayorga - yes I do use Eastlink, which is why I’ve never used my ISPs DNS and I have had Cloudflare running without issue for a few years now (I run it via Pihole, using cloudflared, with DNSSEC enabled).

Interestingly enough, as kind of a last straw troubleshooting step, had set my phone’s DNS to Google, re-ran the voWifi registration, then set it back to grab the DNS from my home network, and I haven’t had the prompt to re-register again.

Not sure if it was just a temporarly CDN resolution blip or what - I will mark this case as resolved :slight_smile:

I did contact Telus and they sent me to the same page you did, and advised to set my home’s DNS to Google.

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