blocking website since cloudflare

I see that quite a few people have run into this issue without a posted solution, how can I bypass which seems to be a 5g network in Australia? My website is blocked on their network since Cloudflare. It seems to be a Cloudflare-Telstra issue.

Telstra could be doing it one of two ways - blocking that specific domain name or blocking the IP address which the domain name resolves to - which would be especially odd since the IP’s are shared with lots of domains.

In both instances, that’s something that Telstra has done and something that they’ll have to fix - I’d expect they’d listen to their customers more-so than anyone from the community so it’d be best for people experiencing the issue to log it with Telstra.

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I think Telstra have blocked it via DNS, you shouldn’t use Telstra’s DNS resolvers, and instead use something like

But yes you’ll have to contact Telstra to get them to unblock it for their resolvers

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