Telia customers experiencing slowdowns on our CloudFlare accelerated site


Operator: Telia

We run a big Discourse based community, similar to this one and we utilize Cloudflare for caching capabilities.

Over the last couple of months we have been receiving complaints from Telia internet customers that they are experiencing slowdowns and 500-errors on our site. I have been able to reproduce this on my smartphone, which has a Telia SIM. The issue has not been reproduced on other major operators of the local market.

It seems that the issue could be worked around by disabling Cloudflare’s caching, thus losing all the benefits that comes with it. We have reported this to Telia, but they are not very interested in investigating and point their finger at Cloudflare.

Our site is in the Finnish language only, so it is very focused to Finland geographically. I am hoping Cloudflare staff could have a look. Telia is one of the bigger operators out there, locally and globally.

After browsing other threads regarding 50x errors, I began wondering whether I am hitting the limits of the free plan. This case is somewhat above my expertice level regarding CDNs.

Perhaps @cloonan could advice if it is time to go Pro?

Hi @ljpp, the pro plan is really nice, but 5xx errors are not a reason to upgrade. We can ask support to dig into it if you login and open a ticket. They will take some time to triage the ticket and while they do if you can get a trace, har file, specific messages stacked up on the ticket, they’ll have the the info they need to diagnose. Lmk the ticket number so I can track it.

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I have opened a ticket (1633620). Regarding the HAR file, I cannot reproduce the issue and thus not record a log while it is happening – I am not a customer of Telia. Also the issue has a somewhat random nature, but it has been appearing for the last couple of months. I have been running Cloudflare for years and nothing has changed on our server side recently.

OK, thank you, I see the ticket, added some detail and copied myself. Can you reply to the auto response with the output of

And, what 5xx errors are you seeing? This tip has links to tips for all 5xx errors, Community Tip - Fixing 5XX Errors & All 5XX Tips.

I am relying on 2nd hand information, ie. reports from users that are customers of Telia. I have received feedback regarding 500, 503 and 504.

Got it, if you can have them send the output of that trace if they encounter the error again that would be helpful.

Edit - I see the trace, thank you. Please also include any RayIDs that you see.

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