Telegram link preview not working when enable cloudflare

Hello, for some reason when I enable the protection of Cloudflare telegram does not load the preview of the links.
If I disable the protection they work perfectly.

This happens on all the websites that I have in my Cloudflare account

I have tried to enable and disable all Cloudflare settings and the problem persists.

The only difference I find is that when I enable Cloudflare, my website has SSL certificate from Cloudflare.

Other websites of other people work without this problem and also use Cloudflare, so I do not understand what the reason may be.

Some time ago I made a website to a friend and the preview works perfectly, the only difference is the Cloudflare account.

Fixed! I have created a new account for my domains and that has solved the problem completely, the settings are the same.

In fact in the old account I tried to delete and add the web again, in case some adjustment was wrong and did not solve the problem.

When I saw another web made by me for a friend and the only difference was that I was in a different Cloudflare account, I decided to create a new Cloudflare account, I removed the web from the previous account and added it to the account new, DNS are different I do not know if this will have something to do, before they were:
and now :

So, the solution is to create a new account, if that happens to you, you already know how to solve it, you’re welcome!

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