Tejaxspace is not yet active on Cloudflare

sorry for asking a repeated question.
I have replaced the nameserver of my website but still getting “a website is not yet active on Cloudflare”, On checking whois I could see that they are pointing to Cloudflare servers. does anyone know what am I doing wrong?


  1. create a Cloudflare account and registered my domain and got the servers
  2. Accessed registrar updated nameservers.
  3. Installed plugin “flexible SSL” from cloudflare

did I miss any steps?

Website: tejaxspace.com

It appears to be active in Cloudflare. In DNS: NS and SOA point to Cloudflare, and A/AAAA records belong to Cloudflare.

Thank you for helping me out, it seems that it took time(3+ days) to get updated.

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