Technical Team Are Not Help or Support


I bought a Load Balancing subscription, and the setup is not user-friendly also checked tutorial videos, blogs & community but not get the details.

I have contacted the support team on High priority and waited 72 hours no email, no response laststly cancel my subscription


Thought:Never recommended to anyone subscribe service from cloudflare.

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Cloudflare is a platform that consists of technical tools intended to be used in a self-service manner, even on an Enterprise plan that can easily range into thousands of dollars. You will want someone technical in your employ if you are not technical.

Cloudflare is completly up front with the support options and timeframes offered in all of their plans. The least expensive subscription indicates that it may take at least five days before receiving an initial response. Your fastest option to receive assistance is often to post your question here in the Community in the appropriate category.

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I understood but big players in industries are solving within 24 hrs.
After-sales and support is very important which cloudflare not ACCEPTING

Please name one. My experience is the opposite. I see known issues go unaddressed for five years and counting at other providers.

The screenshot you shared shows you asking Cloudflare to set things up for you. That is not a service they offer and they clearly and consistently communicate that. You need to either be technical or hire someone who is. You appear to be displeased with Cloudflare because you have set expectations far beyond anything that they offer. If you need things done for you, Cloudflare is not the right solution for you and you should find a provider whose offering includes doing things for you.

If you just want people to help you do it yourself, posting a new topic in the relevant category is still a good option that often has quock results.


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