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Hi There,

Users reports that the website access slow at the below location. Could you advise how to improve the cloudflare CDN?





Without the apartment number it is difficult to tell :wink:


What’s the domain?


Oh sorry, the address is hidden. It is at Rotterdam, Netherlands. Thanks.


The domain is Thanks.


I don’t see anything out of the ordinary, but I have a few ideas:

  • Netherlands is a long way from where you’re probably hosting the site. First visit is going to take extra time for Cloudflare to cache the static files.
  • Since the site has no apparent user login, it is safe to take advantage of a Cache Everything Rule: Match:* and add settings for Cache Level (Cache Everything) and Edge Cache TTL (24 Hours)

Follow some of the suggestions from these tests. Namely, optimize images (they’re pretty big)


Thank you for your advise.

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