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Hello, I have some questions in regards to safety, cost and needed modules.

We have Apache Servers on our Machines(windows) for access/control in local networks. Now is the question what is the best way to setup remote access to the Apache server?

I have already made a test with cloudflared tunnels which seams to work good.

Connected different tunnels to our Cloudflare domain over DNS menu as CNAME’s.

Main domain is still empty but subdomains lead to our setup test machines. And created a simple login with a Worker.

Fistly is there a better way to set it up?

I’m aware that the worker option for logins is not the safest option, is your Access module the right way to make it saver? Is it possible to configure it so that i get unique logins for different subdomains?

Is there a limit for subdomains/ CNAME’s?

I’m currently using a free account. What cost can we expect / what plan do we need when the traffic increases?

Any help or information where I have to look is appreciated :smiley: .

Cloudflare Access is available on the Zero Trust Free Plan for up to 50 users (users meaning anyone who logs into Access will take up a seat).

You can configure each subdomain to have different rules to allow/block access if you really want.

You can have somewhere in the thousands of DNS records even on the free plan if my memory serves me right, so that’s a non-issue.

Unless you’re doing a lot of traffic, this isn’t really an issue. It’s more likely that you’ll want to move onto a paid plan for the Managed Rules on the WAF, better analytics, more of the speed/caching options & access to direct technical support since the free plan is limited to asking on the community.

Make sure that you’re using it for websites and only use non-HTML proportionately - a site dedicated to serving downloads or purely for image/video distribution will fall foul of 2.8 in the self-serve terms.


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