Technical problems on websites proxied by Cloudflare

We are experiencing various problems on our websites proxied by Cloudflare. They were solved removing proxy. The same happened on March 13th, when you actually had the following technical issue:

We are currently investigating an issue where non-UTF8 characters are being presented incorrectly to some users of sites proxied via Cloudflare.
Mar 13, 2023 - 20:23 UTC

as reported on Maybe it’s the same problem even this time. Please advise.


Marco Ferri

Could you please share the domain?
There you can find one of the affected sites.

I just tried loading the site through Cloudflare and I don’t see any obvious issues. Could you please link me to a page that shows the issue or send a screenshot?

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I saw a problem was found in Berlin and Milan area. Since we are requesting pages from Italy, I thought that could be the cause of the issues we experienced. But we are still having them, so either that wasn’t the cause or the fix didn’t work.


The case concerning Berlin and Milan has been closed as solved, but we are still having problems. They are due certainly to Cloudflare. Once removed, everything works fine. Please advise if it’s a question of propagation or else. Please feel free to contact me if additional information is required. Thanks.


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