Technical error in the system

Dear Cloudflare Support Team,

Here I am reporting an error found in your system at following location.

Area : Account Login » Configurations » Preferences » Account Name

Error Description : ‘Account Name’ part do not allow user to enter single-inverted comma but it is accepted by the system default.

Required solution : Please change its validation setting to allow user to enter single-inverted comma.

Effect : Me or any other user can set name as he/she required. Such as, VD’s Account . Currently he can set as VD Account (Without single-inverted comma).

Please find attached screenshots for evidence.

Vaibhav Dhotre

Thank you for the suggestion @vrdhotre, you don’t need to send us any further tickets to support regarding this issue.

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@cloonan Have you forwarded this concern to the developer for resolution?

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